Hello everyone again! Doodl3r is my version of Breberky‘s EV3 Doodler. Doodl3r can draw using a marker by use of a scissor linkage. Two large motors drive the ends of the linkage’s arms at different speeds (depending on what type of picture you want). The basic core of Doodl3r is basically from Breberky’s LDD with a few structural tweaks, but the rest of the design is mine. Special thanks to Breberky who allowed his EV3 Doodler to be worked on by others like me. I recommend checking out his robots.

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Load3r is a simple yet efficient robot inspired by certain construction vehicles known as loaders. The loader design alone took hours to build. The bucket is more complex than it looks. The bucket can also be lifted manually and stowed in place above the vehicle. The tread ensign is similar to EV3RSTORM‘s. It is remote-controllable via the IR Remote. I know this bot may be a bit of a disappointment compared to my others, but I was really focused on the bucket design more than the vehicle itself. Plus, it is great with pushing foreign objects out of the way. Please be sure to check out my other robots, which are notably better. :)

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Sorry for the long wait friends, but here it is; version 2 of my MicroSport 3Function Concept!

Doesn’t MicroSport 3Function Vehicle look miniature? Well, it’s a MicroBot, isn’t it? There is an important reason this is called MicroSport 3Function Vehicle instead of MicroSport 3Function Concept 2.0. Not only did I upgrade MicroSport, but it is not right to call this a concept anymore. This is the real thing; My previous MicroSport was only a concept, a prototype so-to-speak. MicroSport has 3Functions, true to its name. One large motor drives the rear axle, one medium motor steers the front axle, and the remaining large motor powers an auxiliary output found at the front of the vehicle. The unique thing is that the large motors are positioned in the exact same opposite to each other, so the balance is not upset! Of course, this vehicle is remote-controllable (what fun is it without being able to drive it?) A transparent brick sits up top like an ambulance’s. That way it can warn others it’s coming ( :P it doesn’t light up).

And yes, if anyone was wondering, the background is REAL grass.

Click here to watch MicroSport 3Function Vehicle drive!


MicroSport 3Function Concept is completely revolutionary! At first glance, it may appear that two large motors drive and a medium motor steers. WRONG! One large motor does drive the rear axle, but the other packs a unique function. Using u-joints to transfer drive from the motor to the front of the vehicle allows us to add another function to out model using only 3 motors!

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Now, I usually don’t post news on my blog; only robots, but this is one exception!

There are many builders who build remote-controlled models using the PF Infrared Receiver/Remote. And many of them know that there are many areas of improvement to be made. The SBrick (also known as SmartBrick) does just that! With the SBrick, you can control your models via Android, iOS, and WP8 devices. Here are some of the many technical aspects of this new marvel:

  • Same size as the LEGO IR Receiver
  • Customizable profiles
  • Up to 100m range
  • Programmable functions
  • Unlimited group play w/no interference
  • Four ports instead of two
  • Simultaneously control multiple SBricks
  • Speed controllable
  • And much more!

You can find unlimited information at They also need our support to help make this become a reality! And they have only limited time. So it is time for you to act now! Help let this product become available to all LEGO builders by supporting them at Kickstarter. (Just visit their website and click Support us at KICKSTARTER at the top of their page!)

Also, be sure to visit my new blog: MindTechnic!

Quality is the whole concept of my new robot truck. S3miTruck was modeled after the US long-nose semi trucks, or if you prefer, “big-rig”. It features a color sensor that acts as a rear taillight/warning light, LED headlights, a linear-actuated extendable bumper, a switch, remote-control capabilities, RearWheelDrive, and so much more. It took about 9 hours to build and weighs ~3 lb. The Power Functions system (PF for short) has been incorporated into S3miTruck.

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myEV3RSTORM was built as an attempt to reconcile many complaints launched at EV3RSTORM both on Mindstorms Community and the LMBs. I worked for hours on EV3RSTORM, changing this or that addressing the issues I’ve seen/heard. Many changes have been made to EV3RSTORM throughout. The color scheme is totally revamped to fit the more neutral colors many favor. And here is the result: myEV3RSTORM.

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