Lego Traxxas Slash Short Course Truck

My Lego Traxxas Slash is a short course truck based on my Lego Technic Pullback Truck with suspension. The chassis is nearly identical – but I redesigned the suspension setup, incorporating a smaller shock absorber with a custom linkage enabling extremely long travel of the rear suspension.


Custom Truck – 42029 MOD

I modified the 42029 Lego Technic Customized Pickup Truck and ended up with this nice-looking truck that is still functional.

The smoke stacks have been replaced with a dual exhaust system.  Continue reading

RX2 Thund3r Truck | The Rolling Monster

Greetings my friends! As it is nearing the end of 2014 and dawning a new year, *I am sharing my last robot ever. 😦 I’m dead serious. I will not post another robot.*

*This statement is only valid for the year 2014*

Okay, jokes over – here is my latest creation RX2 Thund3r Truck. I spent quite some time on the chassis, while the body was just pretty much leftovers 😛 It has live axle suspension, modeled after the 9398 4×4 Crawler and 42005 Monster Truck which gives the chassis exceptionally long travel. The drivetrain is very powerful having an output of ~80 torque. Not to mention that even with all that torque, RX2 Thund3r Truck has maxed out 74 feet in 26.49 seconds, which is about 2 MPH.  Continue reading

Outland3r 2.0

Outland3r 2.0 has arrived! It is everything my original Outland3r was – except speedy… Outland3r 2.0 is now much stronger, enough to tackle the off-road terrain of grass, sand, and such! I tried to keep with the SUV theme but need up with more of a station wagon type of vehicle. Needless to say, Outland3r 2.0 is changed inside and out. What Outland3r 2.0 features that wasn’t present on Outland3r 1.0: lifting rear hatch, roof rack, and more!  Continue reading


Here, my friends, is the ultimate SUV I’ve been waiting to show you. Well, wait’s over, so! Outland3r is my best robotic vehicle yet, featuring a 1:3 geared-up speed ratio, hood scoop, metallic grille, opening doors and roof, racing seat, realistic headlight/taillights, sporty spoiler, steering capabilities, and much more!  Continue reading


Quality is the whole concept of my new robot truck. S3miTruck was modeled after the US long-nose semi trucks, or if you prefer, “big-rig”. It features a color sensor that acts as a rear taillight/warning light, LED headlights, a linear-actuated extendable bumper, a switch, remote-control capabilities, RearWheelDrive, and so much more. It took about 9 hours to build and weighs ~3 lb. The Power Functions system (PF for short) has been incorporated into S3miTruck.

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Hello guys, I am pleased to present a new project: Wrangl3r! Wrangl3r is intend to look like a Jeep, which I think does effectively. With a very unique drivetrain, Wrangl3r can drive at 2 MPH with a super strong stall torque of 80Ncm! You may be asking, “How?” By incorporating an adder mechanism!

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Spac3Buggy (ATSBuggy)

I am unveiling the Space version of Trav3rseTruggy (ATBuggy) as requested by lama-mantis. It is called Spac3Buggy (also known as ATSBuggy on MINDSTORMS Community). The original Trav3rseTruggy has been equipped with accessories for outer space use. Such upgrades include: PF Lights powered by PowerFunction Battery Box, 4×2 RWD direct drive, special metallic tubing, geared steering mechanism, aggressive hub design, never-before-seen panels, firm suspension, ultra-high ground clearance, etc. Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy!

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Trav3rseTruggy (ATBuggy)

Sorry for the long wait friends, but here it is! The Trav3rseTruggy (also known as ATBuggy on MINDSTORMS Community) is what I’ve been working on the past couple weeks. Trav3rseTruggy is an All-Terrain-Buggy capable of facing off-road, obstacles, ramps, and more! (Now you know where “ATBuggy” came from) To confess, I know that you’re surprised. Note that the main picture has the floating axle suspension suspending the left wheel. That is not the actual ground clearance. The bottom-right side picture shows the actual ground clearance. I actually made several versions to make this perfect (not to say anything’s perfect).

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