42029 – Short Film

42029 Lego Technic Customized Pickup Truck MOD utilizes its motorized winch and tilting bed to rescue a custom pullback racer in the snowy unknown. Enjoy!


PF Automatic Racer

I present to you my first LEGO TECHNIC creation that is motorized with the Power Functions system (PF) only! The PF Automatic Racer! This vehicle is just what the name implies: it is motorized with PF, it is able to drive automatically without any human intervention or interference, and it is plenty quick! The electronics: a PF Battery Box, a PF Switch, a PF Medium Motor, and PF LED Lights. The rest: 42000 Grand Prix Racer wheels and tires, 5:3 geared down ratio for torque, and more.  Continue reading

SBrick – Completely Revolutionize Your Lego Mindstorms/Technic Building Experience!

Now, I usually don’t post news on my blog; only robots, but this is one exception!

There are many builders who build remote-controlled models using the PF Infrared Receiver/Remote. And many of them know that there are many areas of improvement to be made. The SBrick (also known as SmartBrick) does just that! With the SBrick, you can control your models via Android, iOS, and WP8 devices. Here are some of the many technical aspects of this new marvel:

  • Same size as the LEGO IR Receiver
  • Customizable profiles
  • Up to 100m range
  • Programmable functions
  • Unlimited group play w/no interference
  • Four ports instead of two
  • Simultaneously control multiple SBricks
  • Speed controllable
  • And much more!

You can find unlimited information at sbrick.com. They also need our support to help make this become a reality! And they have only limited time. So it is time for you to act now! Help let this product become available to all LEGO builders by supporting them at Kickstarter. (Just visit their website and click Support us at KICKSTARTER at the top of their page!)

Also, be sure to visit my new blog: MindTechnic!

Spac3Buggy (ATSBuggy)

I am unveiling the Space version of Trav3rseTruggy (ATBuggy) as requested by lama-mantis. It is called Spac3Buggy (also known as ATSBuggy on MINDSTORMS Community). The original Trav3rseTruggy has been equipped with accessories for outer space use. Such upgrades include: PF Lights powered by PowerFunction Battery Box, 4×2 RWD direct drive, special metallic tubing, geared steering mechanism, aggressive hub design, never-before-seen panels, firm suspension, ultra-high ground clearance, etc. Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy!

Continue reading

POW3R FUNCTION Grand Prix Racer

POW3R FUNCTION Grand Prix Racer isn’t really a robot; it’s more of an experimental project. The LEGO® Technic Grand Prix Racer set came with instructions showing how motorize the race car’s opening engine cover + spoiler with Power Functions. Well, since I don’t have Power Functions, I thought, “Why not motorize with my EV3?” And that is just what I did. Instead of the PF Medium Motor, I put an EV3 Medium Motor in its place. Now I can open the engine cover and adjust the spoiler very quickly! I hope you like it, and I am soon to come out with a full-blown EV3ized Grand Prix Racer that’s Remote-Controllable in the near future!