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Finally, the SumoBot I’ve been talking about for sooooooooo long: SumoStorm3r! SumoStorm3r is my entry to SprinkleOtter’s SOSumoBot Challenge. It didn’t take me that long to build SumoStorm3r; the long part was fixing and upgrading SumoStorm3r just right until I was satisfied with the result. As you see, SumoStorm3r is very streamlined and well-armored. It is different from other SumoBots in that it has no weapons or offenses, just one defense: push the opponent out of the ring. Only one LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 set was used!


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SumoStorm3r’s sensor system is unique (to me, at least; that’s all that matters :P). It uses both the EV3 Color Sensor + EV3 InfraRed Sensor. The Color Sensor is safely tucked behind a sturdy front bumper. The Color Sensor senses the black boundaries so that it can turn around safely. SumoStorm3r even has a secret trick. Since SumoStorm3r is to face the RCX Ramps sumo, I needed to conquer it with a special skill. Ramps likes to fool sums in letting them drive over it and out of the ring, so I programmed SumoStorm3r to back off Ramps when it detects the yellow surface of Ramps. The IR Sensor senses the opponent to charge and push out of the ring.

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SumoStorm3r drives with treads. To avert any chance of getting things stuck in it, I covered the treads around with guards. The smooth surface all around prevents SumoStorm3r from getting caught by the opponent’s weapons or the opponent itself. SumoStorm3r’s chassis is very rigid and strong. Treads have much traction to grip the surface and push the opponent.



Here is a picture of the initial outcome; it didn’t happen that way. I used almost every piece in the EV3 set, and this offensive ramp ended up a little too weak for fighting. Wish me good luck!


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