Happy holiday! DINOR3X is an official EV3 bonus model. Do not criticize me; I’m not taking any credit for this. Many NXT owners would probably like to know what DINOR3X is; therefore I am posting DINOR3X. I will work on DINOR3X for a much better dinosaur than this. DINOR3X is a dinosaur (obviously), and walks on 4 legs. It is controlled by 2 large motors, and has a unique walking mechanism. It also has jaws, and the jaws are controlled with a medium motor. It looks very ferocious; just look at its head! Its walking is synchronized by a touch sensor. The program makes it walk until it senses an obstacle; then it roars, opens and closes its mouth with several quick jabs, and turns around to some degree. Some minor problems with DINOR3X: first of all, the legs are VERY weak. After running the program once, the legs break, snap, and fall apart (I find you when I Fall Apart… uh, just a song) when you run it again. Also, the blades that make up its pointy “nose” get in the way of the ultrasonic sensor. As a result, it walks backward and roars every time. I had to adjust the nose for a video I uploaded to MINDSTORMS Community. All in all, this is a really cool bonus model that uses most of your EV3 pieces. I like the design, but overall, I’d have to say that this is one of my least favorite bonus models (at least so far).

NEW: Click here to watch DINOR3X walking!


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