Custom Truck – 42029 MOD

I modified the 42029 Lego Technic Customized Pickup Truck and ended up with this nice-looking truck that is still functional.

The smoke stacks have been replaced with a dual exhaust system.  Continue reading


Sup3r Stadium Truck | Short Course

This is a large short-course style stadium truck built with Lego Mindstorms Ev3. It features independent rear suspension and a front live axle with steering. One Medium Motor controls the steering, and one Large Motor drives the rear wheels. It also uses the InfraRed Sensor for Remote Control.

The reasons I used only one motor in this model are: 1. I was attempting to reduce weight, 2. The chassis of the truck is even studs wide, not odd; not allowing a very easy placement of two motors, 3. This vehicle was built as a test vehicle for the new 4-stud wide differential I got a while back but never used until now.

The drawbacks of this truck are: 1. One motor does not exert nearly enough power, 2. The old-type differential makes it impossible to not use more gears in order to transfer the power, 3. All the gears used decreases efficiency massively, 4. The rear independent suspension worsens performance, 5. A 3:5 gear ratio was used (a 1:3 would have been better), 6. The truck is very large, bulky, and heavier than most other robots that I have built.  Continue reading


You are looking at the popular 42000 LEGO® Technic Grand Prix Racer set MINDSTORMS®-motorized with EV3! This racer is Remote-Controllable. The result is GrandPrixRac3r! It took me roughly ~11 hours total to build and has ~900 pieces. Finally, what I have been talking about doing for so long is finally a reality. And I am happy.

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