Customized Pickup Truck – 42029

My review of the 42029 Lego Technic Customized Pickup Truck includes unboxing, speed build, overview, impressions, and more.


Sup3r Stadium Truck | Short Course

This is a large short-course style stadium truck built with Lego Mindstorms Ev3. It features independent rear suspension and a front live axle with steering. One Medium Motor controls the steering, and one Large Motor drives the rear wheels. It also uses the InfraRed Sensor for Remote Control.

The reasons I used only one motor in this model are: 1. I was attempting to reduce weight, 2. The chassis of the truck is even studs wide, not odd; not allowing a very easy placement of two motors, 3. This vehicle was built as a test vehicle for the new 4-stud wide differential I got a while back but never used until now.

The drawbacks of this truck are: 1. One motor does not exert nearly enough power, 2. The old-type differential makes it impossible to not use more gears in order to transfer the power, 3. All the gears used decreases efficiency massively, 4. The rear independent suspension worsens performance, 5. A 3:5 gear ratio was used (a 1:3 would have been better), 6. The truck is very large, bulky, and heavier than most other robots that I have built.  Continue reading

Outland3r 2.0

Outland3r 2.0 has arrived! It is everything my original Outland3r was – except speedy… Outland3r 2.0 is now much stronger, enough to tackle the off-road terrain of grass, sand, and such! I tried to keep with the SUV theme but need up with more of a station wagon type of vehicle. Needless to say, Outland3r 2.0 is changed inside and out. What Outland3r 2.0 features that wasn’t present on Outland3r 1.0: lifting rear hatch, roof rack, and more!  Continue reading

Trav3rseTruggy (ATBuggy)

Sorry for the long wait friends, but here it is! The Trav3rseTruggy (also known as ATBuggy on MINDSTORMS Community) is what I’ve been working on the past couple weeks. Trav3rseTruggy is an All-Terrain-Buggy capable of facing off-road, obstacles, ramps, and more! (Now you know where “ATBuggy” came from) To confess, I know that you’re surprised. Note that the main picture has the floating axle suspension suspending the left wheel. That is not the actual ground clearance. The bottom-right side picture shows the actual ground clearance. I actually made several versions to make this perfect (not to say anything’s perfect).

Continue reading


I love making cars, so out of literally 100s of ideas floating around inside my head, I asked myself, “Why not build an automobile? One that actually has off-road and steering capabilities?” SUP3R JEEP has all that, plus is remote-controlled for extreme fun! The custom remote has been tweaked from Daniele Benedettelli’s SUP3R CAR R3MOTE from his book THE LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 LABORATORY. (By the way, that’s partly the reason that I named this SUP3R JEEP.)  Continue reading