Recommended Builders

There are many LEGO® robotic builders today. Here are some lesser-known builders that I highly recommend you check out.

  1. MySnailEatsPizza (MindScore: 5000+)
  2. MindedLegos (MindScore: 13000+)
  3. Audiultra (MindScore: 8000+)
  4. AREM2326 (MindScore: 9000+)
  5. Builderdude35 (MindScore: 9000+)
  6. SprinkleOtter (MindScore: 3000+)
  7. lama-mantis (MindScore: 5000+)
  8. jazzaplot (MindScore: 2000+)

6 thoughts on “Recommended Builders

  1. LOL If I click on my own name, the jazzaplot page appears. I didn’t know that I am jazzaplot! 😛


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