Disclaimer: This is an official model by LEGO®. I take no credit fro this project, but hope that this may help as a review of the model. Thank you for understanding! ->->-> EV3RSTORM is the leader of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 set, and it is only appropriate for it to be a humanoid following the successful icon of the previous generation of NXT Alpha Rex. But EV3RSTORM is not your usual everyday humanoid; it does not walk like the NXT Alpha R3Xs but “skates”. Now I will explain the various sections of this unique humanoid!

EV3RSTORM, as touched on earlier, “skates” with two treads. Now as much as I’ve criticized EV3RSTORM about not being able to walk like its predecessors, I found the skating mechanism intriguingly interesting! The leg structure is not fixed, as it seems, but loose and movable to a degree. As the pictures reveal, I show the legs in normal position and pushed back position. So when it turns, the outside leg moves forward to skim the outside circle and vise versa. And in the program, it doesn’t just drive straight like a tank. It skates left to right like a real skater but remains true to its course. So in my opinion, I am disappointed that the set designers did not design EV3RSTORM to walk (or maybe they couldn’t?), but the skating mechanism is satisfying to an extent.

Now understand, EV3RSTORM doesn’t really have an arm mechanism like the NXT Alpha Rex (the NXT humanoid moved the arms in a human-like movement synced to the walking). But I will call it that. The arms feature gears, geared up 24:1 for slow but reliable movement. At the turn of a knob, the arms can lift up and/or down. This is for both arms.



EV3RSTORM uses every motor and sensor included in the EV3 set. There is a touch sensor on one arm to detect touch and a color sensor on the other arm to detect not only colors but also functions as a light sensor in the programs. The InfraRed Sensor is used to detect proximity to the robot and also as a remote-control function.

Here are some extra bits of fun yet useful information! The hand can open and close (but open looks cool). It can be firmly kept open or closed by the LEGO® rubber band. It can be closed to grasp objects (like this LEGO® ball). The top shoulder plates are moveable; they can be closer together toward the “head” or farther apart and I favor the latter. Also, I’d like to comment on the mohawk. I dislike this feature; I tend to think that this was made not only for “style” but so that they can proudly proclaim “it’s over 16 inches tall!” or something like that. 😛 I just don’t like the mohawk thing.


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