About Me

Hey everyone! I am DamonMM2000, and I build LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Ev3 creations. But before I got Mindstorms, my first Lego set was the 7239-1 Fire Truck; and for years I was hooked on the Lego City and Lego Racers themes. I did get into Lego Creator occasionally too then. Only since summer of 2013 have I began my journey with the Technic building style. It’s funny because I have been suggested buying the 9398 4×4 Crawler multiple times years before, but I refused because I was simply too “scared” to try out an unfamiliar new style of building. Of course, I wish I got that long ago 😉 After I bought my first Technic set (8065 Mini Container Truck), I basically abandoned building with classic Lego bricks and delved right in to Mindstorms (which I had been saving up for over two years anyhow). I went on a building craze for a while until I finally slowed down around this summer. Considering my limited experience with the Technic building system, I now take much more time building robots with quality.

There are several achievements in the field of LEGO® that I am very honored to claim. Here are a few (I may not remember them all):

  • I currently have the highest MindScore on the official LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Community. MindScore was created about the same time as when the EV3 came out, and is supposed to rate how good of a builder you are. In my opinion, it’s more of a popularity thing; someone with more MindScore is usually a good builder, yet someone with lower MindScore doesn’t mean that he’s not good either. Anyway… my MindScore: 33000+ / 2nd highest MindScore is held by MindedLegos at 13000+ / 3rd highest MindScore is held by AREM2326 at 9000+
  • I was the first person to build an accurate replica of the official MINDSTORMS® NXT model Alpha Rex 1.0 with only one EV3 set.
  • Multiple robots of mine have been Featured on the official MINDSTORMS® website: ALPHA R3X, ALPHA R3X 3.0, and SumoStorm3r.
  • I am the first and only to have two of one’s robots Featured on the official MINDSTORMS® website consecutively (twice in a row).
  • My sumo robot, SumoStorm3r, has been featured on The NXT Step blog.
  • My most awaited robot, CUB3, also has been featured on The NXT Step blog.
  • In December of 2013, I was ReBricker Of The Week on the ReBrick website.
  • Currently, my robot CTS-eV3 is featured on the front page of the Mindstorms Gallery.
  • I have won in multiple official Mindstorms Community challenges, including the Art Bot challenge and the MicroBot challenge.

46 thoughts on “About Me

  1. That is awesome! A long time ago, I got that fire truck for Sinterklaas (the Dutch kind of Christmas). I really loved the set!


  2. The piano is a beautiful instrument… I’ve been playing it since I was 5 years old 🙂
    PS. Your robot creations are fantastic!!


  3. Hi! I play piano and trumpet. I was in the school wind band and orchestra before and it was fun! We have attended some competitions (and sometimes we won prizes of course) and performed several concerts. Once the whole orchestra even flew to Singapore by plane and performed a concert and stayed there for a few days!


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