Disclaimer: This is an official model by LEGO®. I take no credit fro this project, but hope that this may help as a review of the model. Thank you for understanding! ->->-> EV3RSTORM is the leader of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 set, and it is only appropriate for it to be a humanoid following the successful icon of the previous generation of NXT Alpha Rex. But EV3RSTORM is not your usual everyday humanoid; it does not walk like the NXT Alpha R3Xs but “skates”. Now I will explain the various sections of this unique humanoid!

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SPIK3R is an official LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 model. I take NO credit for this robot. I only would like to share with you guys (whether or not you know much about SPIK3R) a lot of technical features and facts about the model. So hang in there! SPIK3R is obviously a scorpion, but what may not be as obvious is the fact that SPIK3R does not actually walk; he “walks”. What do I mean by that? As you can see by some of the pictures, SPIK3R “walks” via wheels! The legs are connected to a cross-block with links, and the cross-block is connected to a hole in the wheel that is connected to one large motor. How it turns? It uses a sort of a ratchet system. Comment below what SPIK3R in the last picture on this page looks like. To me, it looks like something I wouldn’t want to mess with. There’s even a little crawly-buggy remote. I’m very sorry, but my Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are dead. HUGE bummer; their supposed to last a lot longer than this.

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