Future Projects


1. 42029 Lego Technic Custom Pickup Truck w/Mindstorms Ev3 | Progress: Chassis Built

2. World’s Simplest, Operable Lego Pullback Racer | Progress: Awaiting Filming

3. Lego Pullback Offroader w/suspension | Progress: Awaiting Filming


1. 2006 Ford Escape Off-Road SUV | Progress: Blueprints Configured

Statistics: ~1:3 gear ratio,  front/rear independent suspension, portal axle hubs

2. Undecided between Prius, Tesla, and Chevrolet Bolt/Volt | Progress: Drivetrain Graphed

Statistics: multi-geared Continually-Variable-Transmission, ultimate hybrid drivetrain w/pull-back motortheoretically efficient

3. 2004 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 4×4 | Progress: None

Statistics: 4-wheel-drive, lifted w/oversize tiresrear live axle suspension, front independent suspension

Last updated February 2017


8 thoughts on “Future Projects

  1. What happened to your Lego Mindstorms Ev3 account? You’ve become very inactive.


  2. When will some of these robots be made/finished/published?


  3. How fast will the super-fast drag racer be?


    • The Drag Racer will be pretty quick, judging from my videos I’m guessing about 5 KPH under outdoor heavy load (unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to scientifically record the top speed) but when the video comes out you’ll see 😉


  4. Cool to have a page like that! I love the editing of the pictures!


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