Custom Truck – 42029 MOD

I modified the 42029 Lego Technic Customized Pickup Truck and ended up with this nice-looking truck that is still functional.

The smoke stacks have been replaced with a dual exhaust system. 


It features an ultra-firm dual independent suspension setup in the rear and a tweaked independent suspension setup in the front that allows slightly more travel. The whole exterior has been redone. The headlight arrangement has much more modern style (and lights up diffused via Power Functions LED lights). The taillight arrangement also has more modern style. The wheel/tire combo is updated from off-road tires to what one could consider to be all-terrain tires. “Off-road lights” are added to the bull bar. The diesel smoke stacks have been replaced with a Power Functions Battery Box; now, two large exhaust pipes exit through the rear.

The color scheme has been revamped. The rear-half of the truck merges into black, while the front-half remains pretty much red. The most eye-catching feature of the truck is probably the camper shell. Another notable feature is that the cab is slanted forward/downward. This unfortunately cuts into headroom and the occupants’ comfort but gives this truck distinction over the original. And of course, the truck retains Hand-of-God steering for playability.

All of the original truck’s features remain on this Mod. The bed and winch cannot be used manually anymore, because I incorporated a Medium Motor under the bed in the chassis. The gearbox still works the same, and each function is carried out much faster than could be done by hand. The bed tilts, the tailgate is openable, and the winch is also motorized. A clutch gear ensures that nothing in the mechanism gets damaged.

Here are some pictures demonstrating the truck’s suspension.


Here is the truck slammed.


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