Since it seemed that a lot of you guys liked BIPLANE, I decided to make a second version. Not much is changed; just several minor tweaks. The propeller blades have switched, and the bottom has been re-enforced with additional beams. I’ve added rear landing gear so I could roll it along the ground. It is overall shorter. The program remains the same.

Access the video here: BIPLAN3 2.0



My masterpiece! Well, not really, but it is one thing that I’m proud about! I built this in about 2 hours total. It is a bi-plane, and I’ve tried to replicate the real ones as close as I could. The front bi-wings are the most obvious feature of BIPLAN3. The sides are streamlined with strategically placed panels. The only part I’m not that happy with is the rear wings. They actually are kind of small for this scale of a model, but they still replicate actual plane rear fins. The medium motor spins the front propeller pretty fast at 250 RPM! There is a touch sensor and color sensor on either side of the lower sections of the bi-wing. It also features working landing gear which fold back when flying (look at the pictures to understand way I mean). The program is as follows: the EV3 Brick light displays steady red (as does the color sensor); the propeller begins spinning continually when you press and release the touch sensor; when you press and release it again, the propeller stops spinning. Enjoy!

Access the video here: BIPLAN3