SharkBot – Robotic Shark

The SharkBot robot is built with Lego Mindstorms Ev3 and is basically a modified version of Builderdude35’s Timmyton 5.5 robotic shark. It features aerodynamic styling, mechanical upgrades, modified programming, and more (including both autonomous behavior and remote control function).  Continue reading


Timmyton 5.5 Robotic Shark | Review

Here is my model review of the Timmyton 5.5 robot shark built by Builderdude35. It is built using only one 31313 LEGO Mindstorms Ev3 set.

Technical features: 1 programmable Intelligent Brick, 2 Large Motors, 1 Medium Motor, 1 Color Sensor, 1 InfraRed Sensor

SENTIN3L | Model Review

This is an unofficial review of Daniele Benedettelli’s SENTIN3L from his book THE LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 LABORATORY. It serves as a guard/patrol type robot and features 2 Large Motors, 1 Medium Motor, 1 Color Sensor, 1 InfraRed Sensor, and 1 Touch Sensor. These function for synchronized front legs, synchronized laser arms for blasting/shooting, autonomous behavior, color-programming, and more. Also featuring the COLOR CUB3!  Continue reading


myR3PTAR is an extensively upgraded version of the official model R3PTAR. It is very easy to tell that its changed. For one, the entire color scheme is changed where possible. Almost all the panels are non-Ev3 set panels, and myR3PTAR has a much thicker, wider stance than the original. What was originally red has been reverted into white and vice-versa. Much of the black elements have been removed to make way for brighter colors. I have a video available for you guys to watch. There are so many changes to list that I have to leave it at just that.

Click here to watch a video!


Hello everyone! myWATCHGOOZ3 is an extensively upgraded WATCHGOOZ3 from the book: The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Laboratory. For all the basic core information of myWATCHGOOZ3, just check out my original WATCHGOOZ3 profile. I added a color sensor to the front of myWATCHGOOZ3, so it can now follow lines! I even have a video of it following a black line. I also changed the color scheme to obviousize (is that even a word? :P) the upgradedness (or that either?). The side wings are much larger (keeping the bracing too) and the beak remains the same except the stickers. The neck down feathers are now black instead of white. I added additional panels, as can be seen the tail feathers and the “NEED4SPEED” panel on side of the neck. Metallic tubing is connected between various points; it makes myWATCHGOOZ3 look like a mechanical type thing. I hope you enjoyed this project!

Click here to watch myWATCHGOOZ3 follow a line!


Disclaimer: This robot is not mine, but built from Daniele Benedettelli’s EV3 book. I hope this project helps as a review of the model. >>> WATCHGOOZ3 is a weight-shifting bipedal robotic bird. It uses one Large Motor and one Medium Motor to walk. It is autonomous, practically meaning that you can start the program, leave the room, and come back in an hour finding it still walking around perfectly fine (if the batteries even last that long). It can detect objects with the InfraRed Sensor and turn away to continue walking. The walking mechanism was well thought out; the structure is also well. It features creative bracing techniques. now I will explain throughly about WATCHGOOZ3 and its walking mechanism.

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P3NGUIN 2.0 is an upgrade to P3NGUIN. Some detail worthy to note are the little fingers above the flippers. The walking mechanism is the same (check out the original P3NGUIN for more detailed information). The legs are longer and the flipper-feet are also longer for stability. I tried to make sure that I didn’t make them too long; it needs to look like a penguin, right? The major improvement to P3NGUIN is that now, P3NGUIN 2.0 can walk on carpet AND smooth surfaces such as glass! In able to walk on slick desk, I put grip on the rear of the legs. The grips are taken off when walking on carpet. First video demonstrates P3NGUIN walking on carpet, and second video shows P3NGUIN walking on my desk. Keep a sharp lookout for my SumoBot! Enjoy.

Access the videos here:                        

P3NGUIN 2.0 (carpet)         

P3NGUIN 2.0 (desk)


P3NGUIN is another entry for EV3Community’s WalkingBot Challenge. P3NGUIN is a biped robot; he walks on just two legs. P3NGUIN is a very fast biped; I am pretty sure that he is faster than the official NXT Alpha Rex (1.0 + 2.0). Watch the video for yourself and tell me what you think. So you may be thinking, “What’s up with the main picture?” Penguins live in cold weather areas, right? (Most of them, anyway.) So I had P3NGUIN on “snow”. Yep, the marshmallows are big “snowballs”. I had to work on this robot for a little bit longer than I usually spend (on this sort of project). This robot walks with only one EV3 Large Motor.

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SPRINT3R is one of my entries to EV3Community’s Walkingbot Challenge. I named it SPRINT3R because it is fast. It features four legs (or paddles, if you prefer that). This sort of reminds me of a turtle because of the big top. I programed it to sprint full speed ahead when the touch sensor is pressed, and to stop when pressed again. I have to say that this is not the best of its kind; it was built today due to boredom. But I am adequately satisfied with SPRINT3R. The legs were inspired by RoboGator; the difference is that both front AND back legs propel SPRINT3R. It reminds me of paddles. 🙂 Watch the video to see SPRINT3R sprint across the floor. There is a free-spin wheel under SPRINT3R to ensure that the bottom doesn’t get caught on the surface it’s walking on or scratched up, also giving it a smooth ride. Look forward to my next robot, a walking penguin!

Access the video here: SPRINT3R


Sorry for the long wait, but I had ALOT of schoolwork (although I built it several days ago). mySPIK3R (as you can probably guess) is a modified version of the official model SPIK3R. Look closely, as the changes may not seem apparent at first. The legs (HF swords) are flipped around to where the jagged side is facing down. The panels on the body are re-arranged, and I’ve also added some new panels (look at the rear). The claws are different (apparently); angled panels replace the “tooth” pieces for larger claws. The Lighting Tail has an extra ball for a total of four balls to shoot (don’t you hate it when the balls run out so quick). The bug is totally changed (it still has three legs). The head config is different too. VERY SOON: Another replica of an official NXT Educational model. My tribute to what got me into MINDSTORMS® (it’s the least I can do for now).

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SPIK3R is an official LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 model. I take NO credit for this robot. I only would like to share with you guys (whether or not you know much about SPIK3R) a lot of technical features and facts about the model. So hang in there! SPIK3R is obviously a scorpion, but what may not be as obvious is the fact that SPIK3R does not actually walk; he “walks”. What do I mean by that? As you can see by some of the pictures, SPIK3R “walks” via wheels! The legs are connected to a cross-block with links, and the cross-block is connected to a hole in the wheel that is connected to one large motor. How it turns? It uses a sort of a ratchet system. Comment below what SPIK3R in the last picture on this page looks like. To me, it looks like something I wouldn’t want to mess with. There’s even a little crawly-buggy remote. I’m very sorry, but my Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are dead. HUGE bummer; their supposed to last a lot longer than this.

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