Hey, I’m back! RAC3 TRUCK is an official EV3 bonus model. Do not criticize me; I’m not taking any credit for this. Many NXT owners would probably like to know what RAC3 TRUCK is; therefore I am posting RAC3 TRUCK. myRAC3 TRUCK has already been built, and I will post it As Soon As Possible. Oh, my favorite bonus model! I love cars, so it’s no surprise that I liked this so much. The design is really nice. It does look like a truck, but more like a semi to me. I only have one complaint. There is so little weight on the rear end that the rear tires just spin on off-road surfaces such as snow. myRAC3 TRUCK attempts to fix that problem with TROQU3 Mode. Enjoy the video! PS- The video was taken by my friend Samson, and the Technic 4×4 Crawler + Unimog U400 are his LEGO. Access the video here: RAC3 TRUCK


5 thoughts on “RAC3 TRUCK

  1. I can’t find the program… maybe the Lego site has changed.


  2. Do you have the program to make this run?


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