Bluetooth Rally Racer

Rally Racer is the successor of Rally Rac3r. The difference? This Rear Wheel Drive race car is a tremendous success. As complimented by Karl4123, this vehicle has “sleek and stylish looks.” It is geared up 36:12 or 3:1, and it is decently quick with decent torque. Many styling cues have been added. Why is there no InfraRed Sensor, you may ask! Well, thank you for asking! With the help of Builderdude35’s tutorials, Rally Racer drives via Bluetooth! Rally Racer’s Intelligent Brick acts as a receiver, and a second Ev3 Intelligent Brick is the remote! In this way, I am able to control Rally Racer from 200 feet away. I also incorporated bluetooth RC into prototype versions of my 2010 Cadillac CTS-V ReplicaContinue reading



Here, my friends, is the ultimate SUV I’ve been waiting to show you. Well, wait’s over, so! Outland3r is my best robotic vehicle yet, featuring a 1:3 geared-up speed ratio, hood scoop, metallic grille, opening doors and roof, racing seat, realistic headlight/taillights, sporty spoiler, steering capabilities, and much more!  Continue reading