Meet my special companion humanoid, Ali3nCompanionDroid! He can wave his arm and say “Hi!”, roam around autonomously, react to your actions and more! He can even play a short, slow version of the “Imperial March” from Star Wars!

Ali3nCompanionDroid has two arms (like a real humanoid should): one of them is controlled by the Medium Motor and the other is a dummy arm identical to the controlled one. Both arms have the ability to move up and down. The right one (controlled by the Medium Motor) moves up and down when he says, “Hi!” in his friendly droid-like voice. The left one can be fixed in the desired position. For an even more realistic feature, it has a digital mouth pictured on the EV3 Brick screen! Its mouth opens into a wide oval when talking and closes into a thin line when not. Finishing off is the realistic hand. Look at your hands and fingers. Close your fingers into a fist excluding your thumb. Your hand is now identical to the robot hand you are viewing on your computer screen. 🙂

Ali3nCompanionDroid has a sturdy driving base to support its weight (it is quite heavy). It is actually a modified TRACK3R chassis. The third picture gives a look into the internal structure. As your eyes are telling you, the internal structure is like-wise strong with extensive bracing.

Surprise! I’m guessing that half of you guys had no idea of the hidden InfraRed sensor tucked inside the body looking out. It enables Ali3nCompanionDroid to travel autonomously around the room. The touch sensor and color sensor act as eyes. The color sensor also lets you know of its mood: all colors for regular, blue for sad, and red for mad. The touch sensor is also used in the program as described in the next step.

ACD program

Ali3nCompanionDroid has been programmed to act like a real living being. I apologize of the small picture of the program; it was necessary to zoom out to fit the whole program in the picture. Here is how it goes: he waves, says “Hi”, plays the Imperial March song from Star Wars, and goes into a wait state. If 10 seconds pass with no response (pressing the touch sensor), it will kick into autonomous mode. Autonomous means it acts independently to its surrounding; it drives around avoiding obstacles. Backtracking… If you press the touch sensor before the 10 seconds timer is up, it will say “Ouch” and turn sad (the color sensor turning blue). If you touch it again after that, it yells “Ouch” and gets angry (the color sensor turns red). But after both these occasions, the color sensor will go to normal (all colors) again. At any time you can use the IR Beacon/Remote and press the beacon mode button, which will start the program over, you know, saying “hi” and waving and do-do-do-dododo – Imperial March song… You can also quit the program at any time by pressing the first top-left button.


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