Bluetooth Rally Racer

Rally Racer is the successor of Rally Rac3r. The difference? This Rear Wheel Drive race car is a tremendous success. As complimented by Karl4123, this vehicle has “sleek and stylish looks.” It is geared up 36:12 or 3:1, and it is decently quick with decent torque. Many styling cues have been added. Why is there no InfraRed Sensor, you may ask! Well, thank you for asking! With the help of Builderdude35’s tutorials, Rally Racer drives via Bluetooth! Rally Racer’s Intelligent Brick acts as a receiver, and a second Ev3 Intelligent Brick is the remote! In this way, I am able to control Rally Racer from 200 feet away. I also incorporated bluetooth RC into prototype versions of my 2010 Cadillac CTS-V ReplicaContinue reading



Quality is the whole concept of my new robot truck. S3miTruck was modeled after the US long-nose semi trucks, or if you prefer, “big-rig”. It features a color sensor that acts as a rear taillight/warning light, LED headlights, a linear-actuated extendable bumper, a switch, remote-control capabilities, RearWheelDrive, and so much more. It took about 9 hours to build and weighs ~3 lb. The Power Functions system (PF for short) has been incorporated into S3miTruck.

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Hello guys, I am pleased to present a new project: Wrangl3r! Wrangl3r is intend to look like a Jeep, which I think does effectively. With a very unique drivetrain, Wrangl3r can drive at 2 MPH with a super strong stall torque of 80Ncm! You may be asking, “How?” By incorporating an adder mechanism!

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You are looking at the popular 42000 LEGO® Technic Grand Prix Racer set MINDSTORMS®-motorized with EV3! This racer is Remote-Controllable. The result is GrandPrixRac3r! It took me roughly ~11 hours total to build and has ~900 pieces. Finally, what I have been talking about doing for so long is finally a reality. And I am happy.

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Spac3Buggy (ATSBuggy)

I am unveiling the Space version of Trav3rseTruggy (ATBuggy) as requested by lama-mantis. It is called Spac3Buggy (also known as ATSBuggy on MINDSTORMS Community). The original Trav3rseTruggy has been equipped with accessories for outer space use. Such upgrades include: PF Lights powered by PowerFunction Battery Box, 4×2 RWD direct drive, special metallic tubing, geared steering mechanism, aggressive hub design, never-before-seen panels, firm suspension, ultra-high ground clearance, etc. Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy!

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Trav3rseTruggy (ATBuggy)

Sorry for the long wait friends, but here it is! The Trav3rseTruggy (also known as ATBuggy on MINDSTORMS Community) is what I’ve been working on the past couple weeks. Trav3rseTruggy is an All-Terrain-Buggy capable of facing off-road, obstacles, ramps, and more! (Now you know where “ATBuggy” came from) To confess, I know that you’re surprised. Note that the main picture has the floating axle suspension suspending the left wheel. That is not the actual ground clearance. The bottom-right side picture shows the actual ground clearance. I actually made several versions to make this perfect (not to say anything’s perfect).

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DRIFT3R 2.0! Thus is this much more advanced than the previous prototype you see. (I’m used to how the Bible words things, you know. 🙂 As you can probably tell, DRIFT3R 2.0 looks a lot more like a realistic vehicle. I basically flipped the whole car around; now, it is front wheel drive with steering at the back. I think that it drifts better this way. It actually drifts pretty well; I made sort of a drifting ring (racetrack) that it drifts around. It’s kind of hard to control around the ring due to no return-to-center steering. Thank you for looking, and please check out my recent off-roader, PRE-RUNN3R.

Access the video here: DRIFT3R 2.0


DRIFT3R is a drifting vehicle. It actually drifts a little bit. First of all, I want to say that this vehicle is not an ordinary vehicle. Usually, all I’ve seen are Large drive motor(s) and a Medium steering motor. This is exactly the opposite. The car is rear wheel drive driven by a geared-up Medium Motor. It steers with a Large Motor. The rear hubs have NO tires on them; hey, they need to slip so it can drift and burnout! What’s the EV3 InfraRed Sensor doing sticking out the left side? Just think of it as a driver’s head sticking out the window. The overall design of this car is really simple. This isn’t supposed to be a fancy, sleek vehicle. It’s just basic and simple-not to mention that it does the job. My NeXT drifting vehicle will be a complete overhaul of DRIFT3R, although based on its chassis. OK, NeXT time!

Access the video here: DRIFT3R


SUP3R PICKUP is better than EV3R before! It’s thrice as fast with the rear gear ratio of 9:1! It’s drives roughly 5½ mph. The LDD file of the steering mechanism and two videos of the vehicle in action are available here: Enjoy!


Another SUP3R vehicle: SUP3R PICKUP! As you can probably guess by the name, SUP3R PICKUP is a pickup truck. I made every effort to build SUP3R PICKUP to look like a truck in every aspect. I reverted back to the smaller tires included in the EV3 set. The video and LDD file on the steering mechanism is available here:



SUP3ROD is back, and it’s 3x as fast! The secret? A new 3:1 rear gear ratio! For all the main information, check out the original SUP3ROD. An LDD file of the steering mechanism is available here: