El3CTRIC GUITAR is an official EV3 bonus model. Do not criticize me; I’m not taking any credit for this. Many NXT owners would probably like to know what El3CTRIC GUITAR is; therefore I am posting El3CTRIC GUITAR. I will probably build my own modified version of this official bonus model soon. EL3CTRIC GUITAR is (what else?) an electric guitar! It has 12 frets (notes). EL3CTRIC GUITAR features real-life details, such as the tremolo bar. It even looks like a real guitar; I mean, look at it! There is a stand that the EL3CTRIC GUITAR rests when not being used. The program-oh my goodness-is SO complex! It is like, HUGE. Enjoy!

Okay… there’s this slider you put your thumb in. There are 12 frets (notes). The lower the slider, the higher the pitch of the EL3CTRIC noise. The InfarRed Sensor senses the proximity of the slider to the sensor and then plays the required sound. Sounds simple, huh? NOT-AT-ALL! The program is so complex that the website takes forever (a while) to upload it, so I abandoned the idea.

Okay… so you slide the slider up and down, but there’s no music being emitted from the EV3 Brick to please your ears. WHAT’S WRONG?! Nothing at all, actually! There is this push-thing (whatever it’s called; I play piano, not so much guitar, much less electric guitar) that you push that activates the notes. The touch sensor is naturally pushed with a rubber band forcing it, so when you push the button, it releases the touch sensor and plays the note.

The tremolo bar-I don’t know what its use for. (Remember, I’m not a guitar expert.) It seems to be used to change the scale note from major to minor. Sub-picture shows a close-up of the medium motor, which measures the rotation and adjusts the sound change from there.

NEW: Click here to watch a video of EL3CTRIC GUITAR playing through the whole scale!

NEW: Click here to watch a video of me trying to play the EL3CTRIC GUITAR! (It’s horrible) 😛



17 thoughts on “EL3CTRIC GUITAR

  1. How did you program your guitar? I was looking everywhere, and I can’t find an instruction or screenshot on how to make this scheme. Can you maybe send me a photo of this scheme (loop) with variety which you’ve putted into? I have a program, but I don’t know how to make a loop and put varieties into it.


    • First of all, I want to make clear that this is not my model, but an official Ev3 bonus model by Daniele Benedettelli. The program is included in the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Home Edition software. Are you having problems with the program itself, or are you trying to make your own?


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  3. OK so I went to the lego home edition, clicked on the more robots, clicked on the electric guitar and selected create. Went to the 3 page with the program code on it, clicked on close the content editor and connected the brick to my laptop and then saved the project. I then clicked download and run with still no working electric guitar. What am I doing wrong it’s been sitting with the same goofy screen for about 45 mins now.


  4. i do not know how to program it, i have software and model PLEASE HELP ME!!!


  5. Oh, I can’t find your program.
    The data moved out somewhere.
    Please help me.


  6. Hello DamonMM2000.
    Where did you find the program for this guitar?
    Did you do it yourself?


    • Hey Noah! The program can be found on the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Home Edition Software. Just go to the EL3TRIC GUITAR project which is under the “More Robots” tab. Let me know if you need anymore help!


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