Rally Rac3r series

After a bit of an absence, I am back with a technically failed project. Rally Rac3r was built to be very fast with its 9:1 gear ratio, but the resulting low torque prevented reaching top speed in little time. It features exhaust pipes, opening gulling doors, rally-worthy lights along with accessory roof lights, rear spoiler, return to center steering with gear rack, smooth flowing aerodynamics, and more. 

After deciding that the original Rally Rac3r wouldn’t be suitable for a video, I ventured to build Rally Rac3r 2.0. This second version used rims from the 42000 Grand Prix Racer set and had a lower gear ratio of ~5.5/1. I was hoping that the more torque ratio combined with no tires (less friction) would result in a working, but instead the car could not overcome the larger diameter rims and the increased friction of the extra gears.

Then came Rally Rac3r 3.0. Surely smaller diameter tires (compared to 2.0) with the same more torque ratio as version 2 would let this car move. Same problems.

Rally Rac3r 4.0

Rally Rac3r 4.0

Rally Rac3r 4.0 was my last attempt at a working, reliable version. Same more torque gear ratio, but with the tiny tires from the Technic Black Champion Racer set. The friction was too much. Also, upon deconstruction, I found that an axle was semi-stuck in one of the portal axle openings.

Since I was unable to provide video footage of Rally Rac3r, it only seems right to show a preview of my upcoming 2010 Cadillac CTS-V replica with Lego Mindstorms Ev3. Enjoy!


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