Custom Truck – 42029 MOD

I modified the 42029 Lego Technic Customized Pickup Truck and ended up with this nice-looking truck that is still functional.

The smoke stacks have been replaced with a dual exhaust system.  Continue reading


Customized Pickup Truck – 42029

My review of the 42029 Lego Technic Customized Pickup Truck includes unboxing, speed build, overview, impressions, and more.

RX2 Thund3r Truck | The Rolling Monster

Greetings my friends! As it is nearing the end of 2014 and dawning a new year, *I am sharing my last robot ever. 😦 I’m dead serious. I will not post another robot.*

*This statement is only valid for the year 2014*

Okay, jokes over – here is my latest creation RX2 Thund3r Truck. I spent quite some time on the chassis, while the body was just pretty much leftovers 😛 It has live axle suspension, modeled after the 9398 4×4 Crawler and 42005 Monster Truck which gives the chassis exceptionally long travel. The drivetrain is very powerful having an output of ~80 torque. Not to mention that even with all that torque, RX2 Thund3r Truck has maxed out 74 feet in 26.49 seconds, which is about 2 MPH.  Continue reading


Hello guys, I am pleased to present a new project: Wrangl3r! Wrangl3r is intend to look like a Jeep, which I think does effectively. With a very unique drivetrain, Wrangl3r can drive at 2 MPH with a super strong stall torque of 80Ncm! You may be asking, “How?” By incorporating an adder mechanism!

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BELIEVE YOUR EYES. You are looking at the result of many, many hours of hard work. The pictures tell for itself. The reason I named this “PRERUNN3R” because the rear sort of looks like a pre-runner truck does. Just think of the EV3 Brick screen as the cab windshield. The rear looks sort of like a pre-runner pickup truck with a lot of cargo in the bed. 4-wheel suspension, functional steering, lit-up lights, RWD (Rear Wheel Drive), monster-sized tires, and much more are some of the features of PRERUNN3R. It is RC (Remote-Controllable)!

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MUSCL3UT is a Muscle Sport Utility Truck. The roof has been shortened and given the pickup look. The body panels have been re-arranged to let itself to the truck look. The steering mechanism has been slightly changed (it is now a little tighter), but the drive system remains the same. The rear bumper is different too. You may wonder why there are small tires on the front. For the kind of steering mechanism I made, I had to use these small tires. Don’t worry, MUSCL3UT 2.0 will be superb! P.S. I built the LEGO® Technic Grand prix Racer in 3hrs 59mins yesterday!

NEW: Click here to watch MUSCL3UT drive!



SUP3R PICKUP is better than EV3R before! It’s thrice as fast with the rear gear ratio of 9:1! It’s drives roughly 5½ mph. The LDD file of the steering mechanism and two videos of the vehicle in action are available here: Enjoy!


Another SUP3R vehicle: SUP3R PICKUP! As you can probably guess by the name, SUP3R PICKUP is a pickup truck. I made every effort to build SUP3R PICKUP to look like a truck in every aspect. I reverted back to the smaller tires included in the EV3 set. The video and LDD file on the steering mechanism is available here: