Bluetooth Rally Racer

Rally Racer is the successor of Rally Rac3r. The difference? This Rear Wheel Drive race car is a tremendous success. As complimented by Karl4123, this vehicle has “sleek and stylish looks.” It is geared up 36:12 or 3:1, and it is decently quick with decent torque. Many styling cues have been added. Why is there no InfraRed Sensor, you may ask! Well, thank you for asking! With the help of Builderdude35’s tutorials, Rally Racer drives via Bluetooth! Rally Racer’s Intelligent Brick acts as a receiver, and a second Ev3 Intelligent Brick is the remote! In this way, I am able to control Rally Racer from 200 feet away. I also incorporated bluetooth RC into prototype versions of my 2010 Cadillac CTS-V ReplicaContinue reading


POW3R FUNCTION Grand Prix Racer

POW3R FUNCTION Grand Prix Racer isn’t really a robot; it’s more of an experimental project. The LEGO® Technic Grand Prix Racer set came with instructions showing how motorize the race car’s opening engine cover + spoiler with Power Functions. Well, since I don’t have Power Functions, I thought, “Why not motorize with my EV3?” And that is just what I did. Instead of the PF Medium Motor, I put an EV3 Medium Motor in its place. Now I can open the engine cover and adjust the spoiler very quickly! I hope you like it, and I am soon to come out with a full-blown EV3ized Grand Prix Racer that’s Remote-Controllable in the near future!