SharkBot – Robotic Shark

The SharkBot robot is built with Lego Mindstorms Ev3 and is basically a modified version of Builderdude35’s Timmyton 5.5 robotic shark. It features aerodynamic styling, mechanical upgrades, modified programming, and more (including both autonomous behavior and remote control function).  Continue reading


Chopp3Rod | Stylish Hot Rod Convertible

I went retro this time around and decided to build something as big as I could without compromising the look. Chopp3Rod is the result of many hours of work, sporting both an attractive interior and exterior. The wheels are driven by independent direct drive via two Large Motors. A complex program allows the drivetrain to mimic a differential since a real differential was not used. Therefore it has an electronic differential! It sports many details, including a V12 engine, transparent lights, a Color Sensor headlight, comfy seats, clear quarter-panel windows, side exhaust, curvy wheel arches, rear tonneau cover, custom wheel hubs, and more! I am really happy with this model and how it turned out.  Continue reading


SUP3R PICKUP is better than EV3R before! It’s thrice as fast with the rear gear ratio of 9:1! It’s drives roughly 5½ mph. The LDD file of the steering mechanism and two videos of the vehicle in action are available here: Enjoy!


Another SUP3R vehicle: SUP3R PICKUP! As you can probably guess by the name, SUP3R PICKUP is a pickup truck. I made every effort to build SUP3R PICKUP to look like a truck in every aspect. I reverted back to the smaller tires included in the EV3 set. The video and LDD file on the steering mechanism is available here:



SUP3ROD is back, and it’s 3x as fast! The secret? A new 3:1 rear gear ratio! For all the main information, check out the original SUP3ROD. An LDD file of the steering mechanism is available here:


SUP3ROD is a car based on my previous robot, SUP3R JEEP. This is not SUP3R JEEP II for three reasons. Reason #1: It doesn’t look like SUP3R JEEP anymore. Reason #2: It doesn’t look like a Jeep (anymore). Reason #3: It is totally different from SUP3R JEEP! SUP3ROD sort of looks like a buggy, but not quite. I had no idea but to call it SUP3ROD (Super-Hot-Rod). Not a bad name, by the way. OK, back to the subject! SUP3ROD has been extensively modified for days (and midnights!) until I truly liked the result. It is fully drivable, remote-controllable, and steerable! So here is SUP3ROD!

LDD file of the steering mechanism is available here:

Video of the vehicle in action is available here: