Aero Racer 2.0

The original Aero Racer featured a dual motor setup. This is a completely overhauled pullback racer with three hard-coupled pullback motors. Combine that with large tires, and it makes for a superb setup for more than adequate torque and speed and exceptional distance run. Features flex axles and (non-functional) V8 piston engine.


Rally Rac3r series

After a bit of an absence, I am back with a technically failed project. Rally Rac3r was built to be very fast with its 9:1 gear ratio, but the resulting low torque prevented reaching top speed in little time. It features exhaust pipes, opening gulling doors, rally-worthy lights along with accessory roof lights, rear spoiler, return to center steering with gear rack, smooth flowing aerodynamics, and more.  Continue reading

Spac3Buggy (ATSBuggy)

I am unveiling the Space version of Trav3rseTruggy (ATBuggy) as requested by lama-mantis. It is called Spac3Buggy (also known as ATSBuggy on MINDSTORMS Community). The original Trav3rseTruggy has been equipped with accessories for outer space use. Such upgrades include: PF Lights powered by PowerFunction Battery Box, 4×2 RWD direct drive, special metallic tubing, geared steering mechanism, aggressive hub design, never-before-seen panels, firm suspension, ultra-high ground clearance, etc. Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy!

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