Gen3rator Building Instructions

Building instructions in form of a LDD now available for my Lego Mindstorms Ev3 hand generator vehicle!




After much building, perfecting, and LDD creating, I present to you STREAD3R the BattleBot! STREAD3R’s name was created like this: a part of its tool is a tread, and the other part is a shredder. It is totally possible to build STREAD3R with one EV3 set, but opted for the bigger tires for better chances at winning battles with other MINDSTORMS® BattleBots. The video shows how the duo-tool works (it’s basically a 2n1 tool). Please click the link on the side of this blog’s homepage called MINDSTORMS Community (My Profile) and click STREAD3R (you may have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click MORE ROBOTS. In Additional Information, you will find an LDD of STREAD3R.

Access the video here: STREAD3R