SharkBot – Robotic Shark

The SharkBot robot is built with Lego Mindstorms Ev3 and is basically a modified version of Builderdude35’s Timmyton 5.5 robotic shark. It features aerodynamic styling, mechanical upgrades, modified programming, and more (including both autonomous behavior and remote control function). 

Styling change is dramatic. The model is overall much more streamlined. Both the sides and rear are now seamless, filling in gaps of the original model. This is accomplished by incorporating 0% grade panels. Along side of looks, the panels are used for additional structural purposes. Every single panel has been changed for another of different color, size, etc. Many Technic pieces have been swapped out for another of different color. The orientation of the tail is altered. The top of this model incorporates studded Technic, which enables use of slope pieces. Also noteworthy are the fins. Complex connections make up the larger side fins.


SharkBot Core

Tires are of smaller size. These tires are of firmer nature than the original tires, and this model benefits from thus. This results in more torque but slightly reduced speed. Accuracy is also a benefit.

Due to problems with the original Timmyton 5.5 touching walls and running into walls at an angle in Autonomous mode, the InfraRed Sensor is moved forward one stud, thereby increasing its proximity away from obstacles when detected. The program is also adjusted accordingly so that there is a reduced chance of this model running into and/or touching obstacles.

Technical features:

1 Programmable Intelligent Brick
2 Large Motors
1 Medium Motor
1 Color Sensor
1 InfraRed Beacon / Remote
1 InfraRed Sensor

Mechanical Features:

Moving jaws
Moving tail
Tank drive


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