Brian Free & Assurance – God of Possibilities

I’m back with my first public LEGO stop-motion animation! This is a music video I made of the song God of Possibilities by Brian Free & Assurance. I’ve had experience with a few Brickfilms (some of them have remained a work-in-progress since years ago), and I have another one I’ve been working on recently that’s coming soonish!

I also apologize for the prolific 4:3 format; next time I will aim for 16:9 widescreen.

Animated using iMovie: 6 FPS (Frames Per Second)

Music: God of Possibilities, from album Unashamed, by Brian Free & Assurance. Visit their channel here:


One thought on “Brian Free & Assurance – God of Possibilities

  1. This is very cool Damon! Would love to see more!!


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