AWD MiniKart | 4-Wheel-Drive Go Cart

I’m back with something I’ve never attempted to mechanize before: All Wheel Drive! I have to admit it was a pretty difficult project throughout, mention 4WD and it’s something not familiar to me 😛  I made this as compact as possible, with the motors, P-Brick, and the mechanisms all sandwiched together. The steering type is Rack and Pinion steering driven by a 12-tooth bevel gear and steers pretty quick. I didn’t have time to program Return-To-Center steering into it. The All-Wheel-Drive uses three differentials, which makes it pretty complex. The difference in wheel sizes are no problem thanks to the center differential. Other features include opening hood, license plate, lights, and more. I’m proud of building my first AWD vehicle, but not quite satisfied; I have bigger plans for a 4X4 vehicle and I want to do better than this 😛  Consider this a successful experiment! 



4 thoughts on “AWD MiniKart | 4-Wheel-Drive Go Cart

  1. How do i build this? May I have the instructions?


  2. I notice that the steering pivots are very far from the wheels. This results in the steering geometry being slightly off.


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