RX2 Thund3r Truck | The Rolling Monster

Greetings my friends! As it is nearing the end of 2014 and dawning a new year, *I am sharing my last robot ever. 😦 I’m dead serious. I will not post another robot.*

*This statement is only valid for the year 2014*

Okay, jokes over – here is my latest creation RX2 Thund3r Truck. I spent quite some time on the chassis, while the body was just pretty much leftovers 😛 It has live axle suspension, modeled after the 9398 4×4 Crawler and 42005 Monster Truck which gives the chassis exceptionally long travel. The drivetrain is very powerful having an output of ~80 N.cm torque. Not to mention that even with all that torque, RX2 Thund3r Truck has maxed out 74 feet in 26.49 seconds, which is about 2 MPH. 


2 thoughts on “RX2 Thund3r Truck | The Rolling Monster

  1. You almost gave me a heart attack with that first paragraph! I hope you will continue to make superb creations into 2015!


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