MTV3 (pronounced “em-t-ee-vee-three” or “em-t-E-V-3”; get it?) is a Multi-Terrain-Vehicle in a super-compact package. It may look like TRACK3R but don’t be deceived; it is not at all related to TRACK3R. MTV3 features torsion-bar suspension, terrain-conquering tracks, Remote-Controllability, loads of sensors, and much more! I was inspired by Audiultra‘s NXT TROV tank with suspension, and I thought if he could do it, so could I. So here it is: my first tank with suspension. Although MTV3 does not incorporate shock absorbers in its suspension, it uses a unique type of suspension called torsion-bar suspension

Here is the best part about MTV3: its torsion-bar suspension! A torsion-bar suspension features torsion bars. For torsion bars I used long axles fixed to the internal structure but not elsewhere, and I attached a gear-wheel assembly at the end of the independent torsion bars. This allows the torsion bar (gear-wheel assembly) to bend under stress, which would be obstacles.

Here is MTV3 with the body shell removed. The base is very sturdy with Technic frames interlocking each other.

Click here to watch a video!


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