MicroSport 3Function Vehicle


Sorry for the long wait friends, but here it is; version 2 of my MicroSport 3Function Concept!

Doesn’t MicroSport 3Function Vehicle look miniature? Well, it’s a MicroBot, isn’t it? There is an important reason this is called MicroSport 3Function Vehicle instead of MicroSport 3Function Concept 2.0. Not only did I upgrade MicroSport, but it is not right to call this a concept anymore. This is the real thing; My previous MicroSport was only a concept, a prototype so-to-speak. MicroSport has 3Functions, true to its name. One large motor drives the rear axle, one medium motor steers the front axle, and the remaining large motor powers an auxiliary output found at the front of the vehicle. The unique thing is that the large motors are positioned in the exact same opposite to each other, so the balance is not upset! Of course, this vehicle is remote-controllable (what fun is it without being able to drive it?) A transparent brick sits up top like an ambulance’s. That way it can warn others it’s coming ( 😛 it doesn’t light up).

And yes, if anyone was wondering, the background is REAL grass.

Click here to watch MicroSport 3Function Vehicle drive!


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