MicroSport 3Function Concept

MicroSport 3Function Concept is completely revolutionary! At first glance, it may appear that two large motors drive and a medium motor steers. WRONG! One large motor does drive the rear axle, but the other packs a unique function. Using u-joints to transfer drive from the motor to the front of the vehicle allows us to add another function to out model using only 3 motors! 

ONE Large Motor drives a 24z gear which drives another 24z gear that is connected to the axle that drives the rear wheels. It is almost like a built-in portal axle to achieve ground clearance! There is another Large on the other side, yes, but it has a different function. Universal joints were used to transfer drive from through the chassis to the front of the vehicle. Now, you can use your creativity and add another function! What will you add? A gun, claw, arm, blade, it’s all up to you!

The Medium Motor steers via knob wheels, and a rubber band is used to maintain positive toe.

MicroSport 3Function Concept has so much torque it can pop a wheelie! Not only that, it also travels pretty quick for something this size thanks to the large tires. The wheelie bar is made up of shock absorbers to kind of get that springiness to kick it back to normal. THe shock absorber effect is negligible, but cool nonetheless.

Watch MicroSport 3Function Concept pop a wheelie!


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