Hello everyone! myWATCHGOOZ3 is an extensively upgraded WATCHGOOZ3 from the book: The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Laboratory. For all the basic core information of myWATCHGOOZ3, just check out my original WATCHGOOZ3 profile. I added a color sensor to the front of myWATCHGOOZ3, so it can now follow lines! I even have a video of it following a black line. I also changed the color scheme to obviousize (is that even a word? :P) the upgradedness (or that either?). The side wings are much larger (keeping the bracing too) and the beak remains the same except the stickers. The neck down feathers are now black instead of white. I added additional panels, as can be seen the tail feathers and the “NEED4SPEED” panel on side of the neck. Metallic tubing is connected between various points; it makes myWATCHGOOZ3 look like a mechanical type thing. I hope you enjoyed this project!

Click here to watch myWATCHGOOZ3 follow a line!


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