Disclaimer: This robot is not mine, but built from Daniele Benedettelli’s EV3 book. I hope this project helps as a review of the model. >>> WATCHGOOZ3 is a weight-shifting bipedal robotic bird. It uses one Large Motor and one Medium Motor to walk. It is autonomous, practically meaning that you can start the program, leave the room, and come back in an hour finding it still walking around perfectly fine (if the batteries even last that long). It can detect objects with the InfraRed Sensor and turn away to continue walking. The walking mechanism was well thought out; the structure is also well. It features creative bracing techniques. now I will explain throughly about WATCHGOOZ3 and its walking mechanism.

The book instructions were presented without the EV3 stickers, so I decided to affix them to WATCHGOOZ3. I say this bird is pretty much styled! The details on WATCHGOOZ3 include, but are not limited to: the beak, the “down feathers” on the neck, the wings, etc. Did you know that the wings are not only for birdy style, but also for the purpose of bracing? I think Daniele B. implemented some great bracing techniques I can learn from. The feet are made with angled beams, are wide, and provide adequate traction.

This section covers the walking mechanism of the Large Motor’s part. One Large Motor drives both feet with knob gears. Knob gears are known for their great torque. The knob gears transmit drive to the worm gears, which drive 24z gears, which turns the feet. You can see in the pictures how the system works. It is geared down 24:1. Very strong! Now on to how it lifts its feet to walk.

This section covers the walking mechanism of the Medium Motor’s part. You see, this system is geared down 9:1, allowing it to be so strong enough to lift one side or the other of WATCHGOOZ3. The medium Motor shifts the top of WATCHGOOZ3 (including the EV3 Brick) to one side, lifting the other side off the ground. Then The Large Motor’s part kicks in, turns the ankles, and the Medium Motor turns to the other side to turn again. So it has a goose-like swinging gait. Watching it waddle is hilarious!

Click here to watch WATCHGOOZ3 walk!


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