Hello guys, I am pleased to present a new project: Wrangl3r! Wrangl3r is intend to look like a Jeep, which I think does effectively. With a very unique drivetrain, Wrangl3r can drive at 2 MPH with a super strong stall torque of 80Ncm! You may be asking, “How?” By incorporating an adder mechanism!

Here is the chassis of Wrangl3r. It is very sturdy, as I connected the structure together with as many pins as I could to remove the possibility of breaking apart to possible stress. As you can see, the drivetrain looks simple but complex at the same time. Many of you have not seen or known of the adder mechanism before, so I will explain it to you. An adder “adds” up the amount of torque the motors give and average their speeds. Therefore, this is a much better option than hard-coupling! With so much torque, the motors can handle twice as much work, so the vehicle uses its full potential: which allows Wrangl3r to drive at pretty high speeds with twice the torque of an ordinary vehicle! So the two EV3 Large Motors drive the inner side bevel gears of the differential which perpendicularly turns the 20z bevel gear which drives knob wheels which drive the axle to drive the vehicle. The EV3 Medium Motor drives a Technic steering rack which move links back and forth to steer. This steering mechanism uses a three-piece tie rod to accommodate the rotation of the steering arms.

I included many details on Wrangl3r, as you can view on the following pictures which include but are not limited to: exhaust pipes, exhaust flames, “headlights” and “taillights”, large grille, off-road roof lighting, faux suspension (did you think it was real?), side steps, and mirrors.

I conclude with this step. I had a good time building this project, going through the necessary trial-and-error process. I was aiming for a pickup truck, but had nowhere else to place my EV3 Brick after completed (all part of trial-and-error). Enjoy!

Click here to watch Wrangl3r driving!

Click here to see how the adder mechanism works!


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