With this robot, you can design your own colorful paper disk…for a small price 😛 Arcad3Art is very unique in that it is like an arcade machine. I will describe the basic functions here, then explain individually detailed in “Additional Information”. The program starts. Arcad3Art emits a ratchet noise for 3 seconds, then a “success” sound sounds. Arcad3Art responds, “SEARCHING-FOR-OBJECT”. So it waits, just searching for the quarter with the hidden color sensor. You see, you have to pay to use it. After you insert the quart into the coin slot, the designing begins! It even makes a “tick-tock” noise of a clock while the timer’s on! Oh, let me drop this in. All you have to do is cut out a circle of paper the size of a CD (or just trace and cut around one). Then punch a hole through the middle, slide it down the axle, clamp it with the security grip, and you’re ready to go! Get a marker and just press the tip on the surface of the spinning paper disk (the disk is spinning at 250 RPM via the Medium Motor). It will start swirling color onto the disk. The spinning is randomize-timed between 15-30 seconds. It then gradually slows down to a stop. “Thank you,” it replies, and shuts down. Clever, eh?



As a visual aid, I have modded the main picture for your ease of understanding. First off, the EV3 brick powers the Motors and Sensors, while the PowerFunctions Battery Box powers the switch which in turn powers the LEDs when acted upon. The Medium Motor spins the art, the Large Motor controls the PF Switch (which turns the LED lights on), and the Color Sensor detects when a quarter is inserted.

This is pretty much the only function worth mentioning as mostly everything else is basic to understand. The Color Sensor is located under the top coverage of Arcad3Art. It detects the quart by using the “Reflected Light Intensity” mode. Normally, the Light Intensity ranges from 1-3, but the quarter reflects a much much higher number. I also have a secure coin holder, as you can see in picture 2.

I updated Arcad3Art after I built the initial version. It could be called 2.0 but is really just an update due to minor tweaks. You can see I used some new panels for the sides. The front curved panel acts as sunshade. Hope you like it!


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