Spac3Buggy (ATSBuggy)

I am unveiling the Space version of Trav3rseTruggy (ATBuggy) as requested by lama-mantis. It is called Spac3Buggy (also known as ATSBuggy on MINDSTORMS Community). The original Trav3rseTruggy has been equipped with accessories for outer space use. Such upgrades include: PF Lights powered by PowerFunction Battery Box, 4×2 RWD direct drive, special metallic tubing, geared steering mechanism, aggressive hub design, never-before-seen panels, firm suspension, ultra-high ground clearance, etc. Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy!


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The drivetrain has been extensively upgraded for out-of-this-world usage. I replaced the differentials with knob wheels, as knob wheels are able to endure extremely high torque; therefore, Spac3Buggy is able to conquer any obstacle not more than the hard-coupled Large motors are able to handle. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to create a custom U-Joint as planned. There was just too little room.

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Spac3Buggy got a different steering mechanism due to all the knob wheels being used for the drivetrain. It uses gears now with a 1.66:1 geared down ratio.

Since this is an upgraded version of Trav3rseTruggy and I wanted to fit in as many functions as I can while still looking good, I decided to fit in Power Functions. For those of you who have no idea what Power Functions are, it is a line of products from LEGO® that uses motors, switches, lights, and Remote-Control devices that are powered by a PF Battery Box. It is kind of like Mindstorms®, except you can’t program it. I tucked a PF Battery Box inside the rear body. That is why I removed the previously fitted floating axle suspension; the suspension couldn’t work with the battery box like that. But it does have its advantages w/o suspension. The ground clearance is way higher than Trav3rseTruggy’s so Spac3Buggy can conquer obstacle fairly well. The PF Battery Box powers LED lights that light up the front tinted headlights. The Battery Box is hidden under the side panel. You access the switch to turn the lights on with a little protruding handle sticking out the side.

I added some neat little details to Spac3Buggy. Round single-stud clear pieces decorate the openable hood. Metallic tubing adds a nice finish to the model

Like Trav3rseTruggy (ATBuggy), Spac3Buggy got some restyling to its hubs.


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