Trav3rseTruggy (ATBuggy)

Sorry for the long wait friends, but here it is! The Trav3rseTruggy (also known as ATBuggy on MINDSTORMS Community) is what I’ve been working on the past couple weeks. Trav3rseTruggy is an All-Terrain-Buggy capable of facing off-road, obstacles, ramps, and more! (Now you know where “ATBuggy” came from) To confess, I know that you’re surprised. Note that the main picture has the floating axle suspension suspending the left wheel. That is not the actual ground clearance. The bottom-right side picture shows the actual ground clearance. I actually made several versions to make this perfect (not to say anything’s perfect).



The suspension system is a unique one. The type of suspension is called Floating Axle Suspension, because it literally “floats”. ATBuggy goes over obstacles with extreme ease. Whenever the rear wheel encounters friction from the obstacle, it just “floats” over it. It really does; it’s so interesting!


The drivetrain is very robust and strong. I worked for a while on getting it right. First, I hard-coupled two Large Motors. These motors hard coupled will deliver much more strength and torque than if it was just two working independently. Knob wheel transfer power through the H-frame to a U-joint (universal joint). A universal joint enables you to transfer power at an angle (say 45 degrees). U-joints are absolutely necessary for a suspension like mine. The other end of the U-joint powers the differential. The differential distributes power between the two rear wheels and provides extremely smooth driving when turning.


The steering is actually pretty simple. A Medium motor powers perpendicular knob wheels to turn. An axle runs through the knob wheels to the cross block at one end of the steering arm. The other end of the cross block is attached to the other steering arm (front). So the motor powers a knob wheel, the other knob wheel turns, which turns the cross block, which moves the steering arm and enables ATBuggy to steer.


The front hood is able to open and close easily. An InfraRed Sensor is tucked under it. It sometimes reminds me of a driver. The InfraRed Sensor makes it possible to Remote-Control. I think it’s a pretty cool feature.


Looks nice, huh? I decided to make use of the stud openings. I wonder why I haven’t thought of it before. I used cross blocks to form the aggressive triangular shape.


I added some realistic details to my buggy. Lights are one example. Another are the side rails. You see those a lot on buggys so I added it. U-joints are not that resistant to excessive torque. I wanted to see how ATBuggy would do pushing into the wall. Bad decision. Torque built up then “POP”! The U-joint snapped. I put it back together, but I’ll be sure to probably make a homemade Lego U-joint.


Click here to see a video of Trav3rseTruggy crawling over a ramp!

Notice that the slow progress up is due to the slippery rain and differential. The differential was having a little difficulty distributing power between the two wheels back and forth. In this case it would have be better for a solid driven axle.

Click here to see Trav3rseTruggy conquering an outdoor obstacle made with a thin plank and several arched bricks! 


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