TorpedoCycl3 is a quick inverted trike with two front wheels and a larger wheel in the back. It features a sleek aerodynamic body with details such as the exhaust pipes. Two Large Motors drive the fat rear wheel geared up 3:1. A Medium Motor steers the front two wheels. It features return-to-center steering. It is remote-controlled (RC). Check out the video please!

The steering mechanism in detail. TorpedoCycl3 uses a gearbox to steer.

The gear ratio is 1:3, geared up. This results in a fast trike. In addition to the large wheel, the bike travels more in one revolution of the motor. TorpedoCycl3 is one of my fastest Mindstorms® creations up-to-date. I seriously guess about 3 or 4 MPH?

As you can see, I like to add details. Just take a look at the faux exhaust! Also notice the similarity between the tread of the large rear tire and the small front tires. Although the size difference is obvious, the tread designs make up for the difference. It also gives the impression of a muscle bike (you know, the ones with the FAT tires).

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TorpedoCycl3 does not have a real suspension, but it does have a working system. The gearbox for the steering system is connected to the EV3 Brick (body) with a three-quarter-pin. It’s like a regular pin with one side cut in half the usual length.

Access the video here: TorpedoCycl3



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