P3NGUIN 2.0 is an upgrade to P3NGUIN. Some detail worthy to note are the little fingers above the flippers. The walking mechanism is the same (check out the original P3NGUIN for more detailed information). The legs are longer and the flipper-feet are also longer for stability. I tried to make sure that I didn’t make them too long; it needs to look like a penguin, right? The major improvement to P3NGUIN is that now, P3NGUIN 2.0 can walk on carpet AND smooth surfaces such as glass! In able to walk on slick desk, I put grip on the rear of the legs. The grips are taken off when walking on carpet. First video demonstrates P3NGUIN walking on carpet, and second video shows P3NGUIN walking on my desk. Keep a sharp lookout for my SumoBot! Enjoy.

Access the videos here:                        

P3NGUIN 2.0 (carpet)         

P3NGUIN 2.0 (desk)


2 thoughts on “P3NGUIN 2.0

  1. Hi! Sorry for late checking; I am finally here 🙂 I really like your website, and I’m glad you are Korean, too. 🙂


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