P3NGUIN is another entry for EV3Community’s WalkingBot Challenge. P3NGUIN is a biped robot; he walks on just two legs. P3NGUIN is a very fast biped; I am pretty sure that he is faster than the official NXT Alpha Rex (1.0 + 2.0). Watch the video for yourself and tell me what you think. So you may be thinking, “What’s up with the main picture?” Penguins live in cold weather areas, right? (Most of them, anyway.) So I had P3NGUIN on “snow”. Yep, the marshmallows are big “snowballs”. I had to work on this robot for a little bit longer than I usually spend (on this sort of project). This robot walks with only one EV3 Large Motor.


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The walking mechanism; let me explain it to you. The Large Motor drives forward at 100% power, turning 36z gears on both sides. Those turn a 12z gear which turn more 36z gears. One side of an angle beam attaches to the EV3 Brick, and the other side attaches to a hole on the bottom 36z gear. This cause the legs to move forward and backward, out and in, respectively. Please view the slideshow for clarification.

Thank you nxtstep101! Your robot, My Very First Biped, has inspired me to create this robot with which I am well pleased with. I’m thinking of including a slightly changed and improved P3NGUIN for The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3LUTION.


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