SPRINT3R is one of my entries to EV3Community’s Walkingbot Challenge. I named it SPRINT3R because it is fast. It features four legs (or paddles, if you prefer that). This sort of reminds me of a turtle because of the big top. I programed it to sprint full speed ahead when the touch sensor is pressed, and to stop when pressed again. I have to say that this is not the best of its kind; it was built today due to boredom. But I am adequately satisfied with SPRINT3R. The legs were inspired by RoboGator; the difference is that both front AND back legs propel SPRINT3R. It reminds me of paddles. šŸ™‚ Watch the video to see SPRINT3R sprint across the floor. There is a free-spin wheel under SPRINT3R to ensure that the bottom doesn’t get caught on the surface it’s walking on or scratched up, also giving it a smooth ride. Look forward to my next robot, a walking penguin!

Access the video here:Ā SPRINT3R


2 thoughts on “SPRINT3R

  1. When you’ve an NXT set, try to make a SPRINTER and a HUNTER, so that an EV3 robot can hunt an NXT robot. You can use the IR system for that.


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