Yes, this is yet another EV3 replica of an official NXT model that I’ve built. During the summer of 2013, I went to a STEM Camp (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics). At Robotics class, I met MINDSTORMS® face-to-face for the first time and experimented with the NXT Driving Base. OK, I knew about the NXT for over two years and saving for it since; but this class confirmed my desire for a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® set. As you know, I have EV3 today! All because someone was kind enough to provide a STEM Camp in my area. Well, done with the background. DRIVING BAS3 is my tribute to the first MINDSTORMS® robot I ever built. View the last picture to see the official NXT Education Driving Base (this picture is not mine, but it is LEGO® Education’s; no copyright infringement intended). You can see that DRIVING BAS3 is a lot more stylish than the NXT one. DRIVING BAS3 keeps the basic functions of NXT Driving Base. The “chassis” is basically identical. IMG_3953 First of all, you may notice the picture.  STAIRMAST3R (my robot I used for my science project) won 1st Place in my homeschool fair and got promoted to the regional fair (county). STAIRMAST3R then won 3rd Place at the regional fair. Sadly, I didn’t get promoted to the state fair. These are STAIRMAST3R’s awards I won. To my point-you are probably noticing my inactivity in the Community lately. Schoolwork is mostly the reason. I’m sorry for that, but it’ll probably continue to be so for a little while until summer. I also have a 6-hour limit of computer time, so that cuts down on my activeness dramatically. My NeXT robot may be another replica. I may not post another robot until this weekend or NeXT week, so be aware of that. Oh, and GRAND PRIX RAC3R is delayed (again). It is scheduled for June 2014 as of now. RAC3 TRUCK (not the bonus model) is scheduled for July 2014. CHALLENG3R (an EV3 Dodge Challenger) is scheduled for August 2014. Keep a heads up!


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