Sorry for the long wait, but I had ALOT of schoolwork (although I built it several days ago). mySPIK3R (as you can probably guess) is a modified version of the official model SPIK3R. Look closely, as the changes may not seem apparent at first. The legs (HF swords) are flipped around to where the jagged side is facing down. The panels on the body are re-arranged, and I’ve also added some new panels (look at the rear). The claws are different (apparently); angled panels replace the “tooth” pieces for larger claws. The Lighting Tail has an extra ball for a total of four balls to shoot (don’t you hate it when the balls run out so quick). The bug is totally changed (it still has three legs). The head config is different too. VERY SOON: Another replica of an official NXT Educational model. My tribute to what got me into MINDSTORMS® (it’s the least I can do for now).


2 thoughts on “mySPIK3R

  1. Wow Damon, that’s a pretty awesome robot! You have some crazy skills in robotics. Keep it up man!



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