SPIK3R is an official LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 model. I take NO credit for this robot. I only would like to share with you guys (whether or not you know much about SPIK3R) a lot of technical features and facts about the model. So hang in there! SPIK3R is obviously a scorpion, but what may not be as obvious is the fact that SPIK3R does not actually walk; he “walks”. What do I mean by that? As you can see by some of the pictures, SPIK3R “walks” via wheels! The legs are connected to a cross-block with links, and the cross-block is connected to a hole in the wheel that is connected to one large motor. How it turns? It uses a sort of a ratchet system. Comment below what SPIK3R in the last picture on this page looks like. To me, it looks like something I wouldn’t want to mess with. There’s even a little crawly-buggy remote. I’m very sorry, but my Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are dead. HUGE bummer; their supposed to last a lot longer than this.


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For MISSION 01, you build the Lighting Tail. The Lighting Tail shoots balls with an interesting method, using a large motor. When the large motor pulls the Lighting Tail back and then out front again, it “sets” the beam in such a way that with a little turn it shoots the ball.

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For MISSION 02, you build the crawling section of SPIK3R (with the Lighting Tail mounted on top). Information for the crawling maneuvers is located above.

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For MISSION 03, you build the claws. The claws can open and close via a medium motor. The claws are connected to the medium motor with links.

For MISSION 04, you finish off the SPIK3R model by attaching the IR Sensor. The program for this mission makes SPIK3R crawl around until it senses an object to shoot.

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For MISSION 05, you build the IR Bug. When SPIK3R senses the bug, it closes in on it and shoots it with the bug in its jaws.


One thought on “SPIK3R

  1. Hey, I’m building the SPIK3R but it does not crawl. The program is right; if I pick it up from the floor, the wheels spin correctly and all the legs move properly. But it seems like the frame touches the ground, and so the wheels don’t have grip in the floor… how do I solve the issue? Thanks.


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