TOP SPINN3R is a top spinner. (What else could it be?) I got inspiration for this from nxtprograms, but this is not a copy/replica of the nxtprograms NXT Top Spinner. I designed this solely by myself, and I like how it turned out. At first, it was really basic with just the inside mechanics plainly exposed; but I decided to make it look a lot more nicer by creating a streamlined shell for TOP SPINN3R. An EV3 Medium Motor spins at 75% speed (I know that it could be a lot faster, but I used the EV3 Motor Control app which spins motors at 75% speed default). It spins the multiple compound gear trains, which I think are unique. The final gear ratio is 22.5:1, which is ultimately fast. With a loose worm gear transferring power from the 1:18 geared-up axle to the top of the top, the top actually spins along a smooth surface quite well (up to ½ a minute). I built the LEGO Top with a 7M axle and smaller-to-larger gears stacked from bottom-to-top on the axle. The video demonstrated the top being spanned by the TOP SPINN3R.

Access the video here: TOP SPINN3R


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