DRIFT3R is a drifting vehicle. It actually drifts a little bit. First of all, I want to say that this vehicle is not an ordinary vehicle. Usually, all I’ve seen are Large drive motor(s) and a Medium steering motor. This is exactly the opposite. The car is rear wheel drive driven by a geared-up Medium Motor. It steers with a Large Motor. The rear hubs have NO tires on them; hey, they need to slip so it can drift and burnout! What’s the EV3 InfraRed Sensor doing sticking out the left side? Just think of it as a driver’s head sticking out the window. The overall design of this car is really simple. This isn’t supposed to be a fancy, sleek vehicle. It’s just basic and simple-not to mention that it does the job. My NeXT drifting vehicle will be a complete overhaul of DRIFT3R, although based on its chassis. OK, NeXT time!

Access the video here: DRIFT3R


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