BELIEVE YOUR EYES. You are looking at the result of many, many hours of hard work. The pictures tell for itself. The reason I named this “PRERUNN3R” because the rear sort of looks like a pre-runner truck does. Just think of the EV3 Brick screen as the cab windshield. The rear looks sort of like a pre-runner pickup truck with a lot of cargo in the bed. 4-wheel suspension, functional steering, lit-up lights, RWD (Rear Wheel Drive), monster-sized tires, and much more are some of the features of PRERUNN3R. It is RC (Remote-Controllable)!

Guess what? While on vacation, I decided to spend my LEGO VIP awards on this motor set! Several reasons why a MINDSTORMS fan chose to pay $15 (with VIP card) on power functions. 1. I needed lights for my EV3 cars that I build. 2. I needed a clutch gear for a future application. 3. The twisty multi-angle axle connecters were important for this extreme off-roader; I needed it to run power through the power joint. 4. It was useful to use the instructions included with the LEGO Technic Grand Prix Racer. Now it’s motorized! 5. There is no 5th reason that I can think of.

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What did I say for Reason #1: lights! These lights give PRE-RUNN3R a realistic look! The lights are very bright; I mean, they lit up the laundry room! The lights are controlled by the Power Function Battery Box; the Battery Box is located in the bed of the truck.

The steering mechanism is fairly easy + simple. The EV3 Medium Motor sits directly on top of the mechanism to directly control steering.

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As you’ve already probably figured out, PRE-RUNN3R has 4-wheel suspension (though not independent suspension). The suspension is similar to the LEGO Technic 4X4 Crawler suspension, except that this is NOT rock crawling suspension. Sorry rock-crawler lovers. The shocks are placed facing forward, not sideways (look at the pics to get what I mean). The 4X4 Crawler shocks face sideways. Anyway (whew, I got way off topic), the front suspension is slightly different than the rear suspension. The bottom of the shocks are connected two modules farther on the power joint frame than the rear shocks are. Just check out the pics demonstrating the front suspension.

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As you can see, the body levels itself out according to the tilt angle of its obstacle (I have the help of flexible power joints!). The rear suspension is a lot more flexible than the front suspension.

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PRE-RUNN3R drives with an RWD drivetrain. The pictures show where the power is transferred from motor to wheels. Sub-Pic 1. EV3 Large Motor puts forth power. Sub-Pic 2. The power is transferred through the power via a universal joint. Sub-Pic 3. The power is then distributed through the differential. Sub-Pic 4. The power goes to the wheels, and PRE-RUNN3R drives!

Please don’t yell at me, but I did a horrible thing; I destroyed PRE-RUNN3R yesterday. No, no, not on purpose; it was a total accident. It fell from my furniture and just flew into 100s of pieces. I barely got the chassis back together. Well, here’s the pictures of the disaster.


The LDD is available! Just copy and paste the following link to find access:

NEW:  Click here to view a demonstration of PRERUNN3R’s suspension!


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