Yes, earlier I said that EL3CTRIC GUITAR might be my last post before going on vacation. I got lucky with some extra time (and the fact that I can’t bring MINDSTORMS® in my backpack on the plane for terrorist reasons, so myEL3CTRIC GUITAR will be dis-assembled and put in my suitcase); I hope the components don’t break, or-I won’t go there. OK… myEL3CTRIC GUITAR is a modified version of the official bonus model EL3CTRIC GUITAR by Daniele Benedettelli. It has been upgraded, and I like it. The second picture compares the Grand Prix Racer and myEL3CTRIC GUITAR lengthwise. The guitar stand has also been upgraded too. First of all, the obvious change is no slider. “WHY?!” you may ask. Well, it actually works without it! I just play it with my fingers, and it works fine. I’ve added some angular panels at the bottom corners that add to the shape of the guitar. The push-thingy that activates the notes has also been modified; it’s larger at the end to push. Several white “fang” pieces have been replaced with the red ones. Other exterior adjustments have been made as well, like the “strings” modification. The top is different too, with the long panels replaced with the HF swords. I think it looks good, and even my dad became interested in it when I showed him. My NeXT post will most likely be RAC3 TRUCK and SPIK3R (during vacation).

Click here to watch a video of me playing myEL3CTRIC GUITAR!


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